Aleya Tarver has 15 years experience working with horses and their riders, helping them to build a true partnership that will last a lifetime.  


Her greatest influence is Donna Snyder Smith, who first introduced Aleya to true horsemanship, as well as working with Mustangs. From there, she went on to start PMU rescue colts at Rocking Horse Ranch in Clayton. Her experiences have also included, successful competition in Western Pleasure, hunter equitation, dressage and endurance.  As well as  starting Thoroughbred colts for the racing industry, exercising Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racehorses at several different tracks around the country and creating well-rounded, confidence-building lessons for children and adults.

Why Aleya?

Aleya teaches riders to ride in harmony with their horse by having a secure, independent seat. Giving her students a solid foundation to build on, they can go into any riding discipline they choose. There are many different ways in which people learn,  she can adapt her teaching methods to accommodate the individual learning style.